Engraved Cattle Tags
Engraved Tags--No Setup Fee--No Minimum
Cost for Engraving is 15 cents per letter or number
Phone Numbers engraved 25 cents per phone number

Some brands can be engraved depending on size and complexity.  We will need to see the brand for pricing and to see if it can be engraved.

Installs with most two-piece Button Systems, Ritchey “T-Lock”,  Allflex, Y-Tex, Snap Lock Installing Buttons.Unsurpassed readability due to length of tag and engraved marking.

Large Size  $1.00
These Jumbo Universal Tags are 5" x 3"

Medium Size $0.90
These Medium Universal Tags are 4 1/2" x 2 1/4"

Small Size    $0.75
These Small Universal Tags are 2 3/4" x 2"

T-Lock              0.25
Use the T-Lock to keep your Ritchey Tags secured!

Y-Tex Button        $0.25
Use the Y-Tex Button to keep your Ritchey Tags secured!

Y-Tex Ultra Tagger              $21.00
Use the Y-Tex Ultra Tagger to get your livestock tagged with Ritchey Tags!